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PHP vs .net

PHP vs .net

PHP scripting is widely used on many prominent websites, like facebook and Wikipedia. It uses simple techniques for dynamic web building, command line scripting, and is able to run on many platforms. Can be integrated with well known RDBMS’s and has good reputation among the web programmers.

.net has a completely unique set of features even though it is used for the same purpose as PHP. .net is language interoperable, has a more dynamic approach to web building and is more enterprise level. It is more sophisticated in terms of programming and is more user friendly. You can do more creative operations easily with .net than PHP

Unlike PHP, which is a scripting language, .net is a software framework (like Ruby on Rails). Therefore the flexibility of usage can be perceived to be better than PHP. .net runs largely on Windows OS, whereas PHP is compatible with multiple platforms.

When it comes to use .net provides a multi faceted environment for design and development. Programming is faster and simpler. There are multiple resources and free tutorials, from Microsoft itself, that help build programmer’s expertise.

There is one major drawback with .net. It is too frequently updated, new methods and techniques are introduced almost every season that keeping up with all of them is a task in its own. .net technologies are easily outdated and need constant upgrades to be in par with the current trend. PHP is much more stable in that sense. It is there for the long haul and there need not be any fear of your technology getting outdated soon.

PHP is durable, easy to learn and use, and is open source. Each of its versions does not massively differ from each other. Which is dissimilar to .net, the whole structure of programming will seem to differ after six months or so.

.net is also more error prone than PHP. Constant validation is needed to ensure proper results.

When considering cost of use, PHP will result cheaper. .net experts as well as the software need constant looking after and enhancement, and are forced to catch up with the current trend.

In contrast, both PHP and .net are competent technologies. They provide high range of tools and techniques to create a comprehensive website and have a widespread reach. PHP may have an edge over .net for its durability and security.

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