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Top 5 Flutter Template Libraries Out There!

Top 5 Flutter Template Libraries Out There!

Flutter is creating a flutter in tech circles and for all the good reasons! It is an incredibly powerful mobile framework. And yes, it finally solves the biggest conundrum faced by developers- developing a cross platform app that looks and functions like a native app.

To simplify Flutter app development easy for you we list out 10 amazing online, open source, free template libraries that offer inspiring themes and colorful templates.

1. StartFlutter

Want to develop a simple BMI calculator for a project? Looking for a grocery shopping app theme that hasn’t been done to death? StartFlutter is stocked to the brim with templates that are colorful, easily downloadable and have a neat UI.

2. Flutter Market

Flutter Market has a chock full of UI themes. The themes we loved the best were the ones for eCommerce. The Balck Friday sale theme is just the right quick-fix solution for online stores looking to cash in on holiday sales.

3. Geeky Ants

You must have heard about Geeky Ants. They are a team of awesome data scientists who have a bustling and super popular community on Medium. They have fab UI themes and cover a wide spectrum. From a fun UI for a dating app to a more staid theme for task listing, they provide readers with the penultimate Flutter starter kit.

4. App Snipps

App Snipps is another great resource that offers bright, pleasing Flutter themes. Though not extensive as other template libraries it still offers just about enough choice to save you when there’s an immediate design requirement and not much time in hand.

5. Tandem

Tandem offers beautiful, simple templates that may not be wildly creative but do the job, nevertheless. There’s a nice collection of themes that are sure to please the designer in you.

If you want a fab Flutter app with a unique and easily customizable UX/ UI reach out to us.

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