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Using PHP In Large IT Enterprises

Using PHP In Large IT Enterprises

PHP based Applications In Enterprises

In today’s programming world, PHP is used in equal proportions in small businesses and large corporations. PHP usage in these organizations is changing dramatically over the last decade. In 1998 PHP usage was limited only to personal sites. Later in 2003, simple website, blogs and content management systems started using PHP. Earlier in 2008 financial institutions, huge websites and insurance companies in India started using PHP Development in their organizations. Journey of PHP constantly evolved over the past decade.

However, PHP is still widely used in large and medium sized companies. Now the multi-million dollar question is, whether PHP is ready for enterprises. In general, enterprises prefer Java over PHP. Following is a small comparison between the two technologies

  • Java PHP
  • Big Small
  • Enterprise friendly Lightweight
  • Expensive Cheap
  • Preliminary C language is required Easy to Learn

A technology or tool performance cannot be determined based on its size and weight; it truly depends on the efficiency of how we are using them. PHP is like LEGO bricks which is,

  1. Extremely Simple
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Inexpensive

9 Ways To Use PHP In Large Enterprises:

1. Build the team – Train your team with required skills and object oriented principles. Also, consider them doing a Zend Certification

2. Requirements – Check what your customers and visitors require. Analyze the functional design with definition and flow diagrams.

3. Architecture – Create the architecture first before coding. Create Class diagrams and ER diagrams. Use cases and UML tools. Select high level architecture of the application within MVC, SOA or Multi-tier development.

4. Tools – Usage of effective tools would improve your efficiency. For PHP, we can use one of the below IDE:

  • Eclipse PDT
  • PhpEd
  • Zend Studio
  • Vim

Also, it is necessary to use one of the good source code repositories.

5. Foundation – Make a proper foundation for the application with scalability in mind. Follow one of the available frameworks in the system like Zend, ezComponents and symfony.

6. Design Patterns – Follow one of the available design patterns in PHP,

  • MVC
  • Factory
  • Singleton
  • Registry
  • Decorator

7. Testing – Do follow the proper testing like Developer, functional, environmental, performance and usablity testing in the application. Follow a proper testing after each change in the application. Many opensource PHP testing frameworks are available like PHPunit and Simpletest

8. Optimization – PHP has many accelerators to improve response time of the application. Few open source accelerators are:

  • APC
  • eAccelerator
  • Zend Platform

Use proper caching methodologies available in PHP to improve the response time of the site.

9. Logging and Change request – Use a proper logging system in PHP based application to trace break down. After release of project, raise a change request for each change in the system

On a bigger picture, development of enterprise based application development in PHP truly depends on the following proper methodology and development life cycle. If you want your web application developed in PHP, please contact us or visit our website. PHP developers at Innoppl Technologies have years of experience and we will fully harness the benefits of PHP to deliver a truly world-class web application.

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