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Check If Your Website Has These 6 Mistakes

Check If Your Website Has These 6 Mistakes

Much has been spoken about the design, navigation, theme, content layout and others of a website. Is that all you should think about? Absolutely not.

There are other vital elements that serve as a serious indicator of the maturity with which your website was made crafted.

We’ve been doing website design and development for a while, and want to share a few critical factors that are likely to drive away your visitors. Make sure you check if your website has these 6 mistakes:

#1. Being overtly minimalistic

Engaging a minimalistic approach is sure to impress but only until it is relevant, targeted and crisp. A minimalistic design is a sought after one for its no-nonsense and no-blah approach, yet you should know how much of ‘less’ is adequate.

Keep the content straight-forward and directed. Using the right theme, and especially the right words, and exact placement is the trick.

#2. Check the photographs

Play with professionalism. Use professional photos that aren’t duplicates and are not found anywhere else. We know it is tricky, yet, it’s worth the pains. What better way to convey your brand with your own ideas? Do note: You sure don’t want to get into legal tangles or hurt your reputation when it comes to branding. If you cannot invest on subscriptions/memberships to unique images, make sure you cite the source of the image.

#3. Obtrusive use of audio and video

Having a video or audio that automatically loads is big red flag that drives visitors away instantly. Ask for visitor’s permission before your audio/video plays. Let the visitor know if the audio content is required or no. It always impresses the visitor when they are ‘asked’. Embed videos and audios only if it is really necessary and keep the volumes at minimum levels so as to avoid the visitor getting embarrassed with loud sounds.

#4. Social media buttons are not a one-page affair

Keep the social media buttons visible in all pages, especially the pages where you have your trump card content. Blogs and forums definitely require to be linked to the social media platforms you are active on. Make sure the social media buttons on your website pages are active accounts and you interact and engage your visitors.

#5. Asking to fill the registration form

The content behind the form is no world secret. Sure, your content is probably amazing, but filling out a form and then granting access to the content may not make sense always. In this age of information overload, there are chances your well-protected information is already readily available elsewhere, why, even your competitor may have it and made it readily available.

#6. Not too many ads or pop-up’s please

You may run on advertisements or partnerships or support endorsements- but who cares, at least the visitor doesn’t. Too many flash ads, pop up’s and others are not what the visitor will expect or want to see on your site; definitely not on the first page. Retention and re-visiting takes a major hit with too many ads. Exercise control and ethics here and strike the balance if ads and pop up’s are to be added.

This is definitely not all that requires attention. There are a whole lot of items that didn’t make this list. Need a check on the vitals of your website? We offer a free website analysis that’s comprehensive and giving a clear direction of what you should do next.

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