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Top 12 Outdated Website Trends To Overcome In 2015

Top 12 Outdated Website Trends To Overcome In 2015

Websites are a representative medium where clients get to know about you and your services. Most websites have been around for many years without making any core changes to their functionality or design. This is a major blunder, which needs to be resolved immediately.

Website trends change every year and if you don’t stay updated, you not only lose search engine ranking but also your reputation. Our web development firm in Atlanta comes across these major flaws in many websites.

1) Complex Template With A Overdose Of Information

Minimalistic approach is the most desirable web design trend in 2015. Users look for targeted information on the homepage and tend to get irritated when there is an overdose of it as they have to run through the entire content before understanding the site’s purpose. Similarly, complex website templates with a lot of boxes are looked down upon. It is essential to keep your design simple and to the point.

2) Mobile Versions Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Websites take forever to load on phone browsers. To overcome this obstacle, websites were created in mobile versions to load faster, but the trends are changing and more sophisticated responsive designs are preferred. Google’s latest update links only responsive web pages for their mobile search results.

3) Say NO To Flash Intros And Auto-Play Videos

Even though you feel flash intros had given positive feedbacks, the trend has changed. The bounce rates for flash intros are quite high and users leave without a second thought. It also slows down your website. Auto play video is another major irritant to users; if you must include a video then let the customer hit the play button. Removing the videos improved the bounce rate on many sites greatly.

4) Users Look Down On Generic Stock Photos

Initially, stock photos were a major tool to showcase your happy customers to users. But, people are no longer ignorant. They have seen similar pictures around the web a million times. It is better to have customized photo shoot, which helps them relate to your product and services better.

5) Less Importance To Hero Image

Numbers of websites are known to showcase massive hero images on top and push down the content. This is one of the major flaws as users are only looking for the relevant content and if they don’t find it, they leave immediately. Ensure your homepage can take in both, the hero image as well as the content on the home screen without the need to scroll down.

6) Reusing Content… A Big OOPS

A website is only useful if it ranks in the first few pages of a search engine. When you copy content on the internet, search engines will deem your website useless and will not link it. Utmost care should be taken in formulating the right content, which targets your end users.

7) Taking Images Of Google

Google image is not buffet services and one cannot swipe any image they feel is relevant to their website. These images redirects to another link which can be subjected to copyrights. There is a high chance you will be penalized for using them and end up paying a big fine.

8) Avoid Flashy And Vibrant Websites

The misconception is that if websites are bold and colorful, it is an instant hit amongst users. But, the recent trend report shows that users prefer subtle color with images that loads faster. Stick to a minimal design paired with relevant content is the perfect formula for a desirable website.

9) One-Page Websites

Clients think it is sufficient to host a single page website.  These websites only give basic information on their product along with contact details. These web pages are looked down by search engines as well as users. It poses a higher bounce back rate as they equivalent to inefficient websites.

10)    Automated Pop-Ups Annoys Users

Most websites are built-in with automated pop-ups to showcase their products and services. This annoys most users and they instantly close the window without reading what’s on it. It is better to showcase it in a centralized location in your website rather than a separate pop-up.

11)    Avoid Reloading Pages

With the incorporation of AJAX/JavaXMLhttpRequest, reloading of the entire page is not required. As a rule of thumb, if a particular URL is not intended for SEO purposes, then it need not load completely for efficient site navigation. This lets users access your website even if it takes time to load all its content.

12)    Website Structure Matters

The flow of website is extremely important. A proper site index must be provided which links to all the elements of your website. Similarly, the flow of information should be informative to help users relate to your business.

It is necessary to update your website now to overcome these critical pitfalls. Trends are designed for website’s optimum performance based on end user’s preference. A good website has rich information which outlines your business products. If you feel your website is outdated or looking to create one which follows the latest trends, our web developers in Atlanta will pitch in and help out.

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