Case Study: Synergy Cables

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Client’s Profile

Synergy Cables Client Profile

Synergy Cables is an 80-year-old global leader in manufacturing electrical and power supply cables for commercial and industrial sectors with distributors in over 40 countries. The industry-leading manufacturer has UK, USA, Germany, Spain and Russia as its key markets.

Client’s Problem

  • Synergy Cables required an app to showcase their products to their global customer base.
  • Create an interface that explicitly showcases the highlights of their products and provisions to market products through the app.
  • As the app caters to the global market Synergy Cables possesses, the app needed to be local to customers from every geography and understand client-specific queries.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

The Price Calculator’s Logic:

Calculating metal’s price and transit time were the foremost difficulties faced as the app caters to a global customer base. Additionally, metal pricings are subjected to change on a daily basis and so the latest update in pricing has to be fed by Synergy Cables into the app to show the approximate estimate at any given time.

Developers at Innoppl created a feature called ‘Metal Price Calculator’. The feature works based on a logic that calculates the metal’s price based on the quantity provided by a customer. The ‘Metal Price Calculator’ made things easy for Synergy Cables’ customers to get into budgeting phase.

The ‘Reel Calculator’:

The Reel Calculator was yet another feature developed for customers to find the cost of transporting the materials purchased. Though the client had already formulated a logic to calculate it, integrating the same into the app was a challenging part.

Our developers had to fragment the complex formula into smaller sections and inject them through codes to perform accurate calculations.

Built-in Marketing Prowess:

To augment marketing capabilities of the app, developers at Innoppl created additional provisions like videos and special corners to highlight the key aspects of products. Products feature video thumbnails and photos which them intuitive.

Local Yet Global:

As the mobile app is a caterer towards a global audience, Innoppl made the app speak various other languages like Portuguese, German, and French to leverage on the advantage of speaking the local language of different geographical locations.

The region-specific price and transit calculation, the app was given location based changes in currency and measuring units.

Impact On Client’s Business

  • Apart from marketing their products worldwide, Synergy cables found the app to be an advantageous sales tool that fetches immediate orders from clients.
  • The ‘Metal Price Calculator’ and ‘Reel Calculator’ turned out to be a huge hit among customers which made the app a first preference for finding electrical cables for buyers across the world. Thus the app installs started showing great numbers.
  • As the app showcases cables that are ready to use, it earned more instant purchases for Synergy Cables.
  • The customer experience quotient was on a high as Synergy Cables did not have to invest time separately to cater to each price calculation request of customers with the help of ‘Metal Price Calculator’ and ‘Reel Calculator’.
  • The app project suffered a stall for more than 3 years as the development team which Synergy Cables first approached wasn’t able to meet the timeline and bolt the specifics required for the app.
  • However, the long wait was put to an end by Innoppl’s developers as they performed perfections, added custom features and released the iOS version of the app within a stringent timeline of just 4 weeks. The on-time delivery and perfection made the client happy.
Impact On Client’s Business

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